Deprecating the forum

We started this forum to bootstrap the project; it and Discord were the only tools we had for discussing things, and chat is not always the right tool for the kinds of conversations being held here. However, we are now running our own network of sites – on the QPixel software while we continue development on the C# code, but the point is that it’s running. Our network includes a Meta site. We should use it for our discussions going forward.

A lot of activity has already migrated there, leaving people who only see the forum to think our project is dormant. It’s not! We’re continuing design and implementation, and we’re hosting half a dozen sites already with more to come. It’s time to close the forum and continue our discussions on our own Meta site.

Nothing here will disappear, and as people have time we’ll pull key material from here into Meta, project documentation, user documentation, or wherever else it needs to go. Meanwhile, I’d like to stop having conversations here and add a banner at the top redirecting people to Meta.

Please join us there, or in Discord to chat. If you want to help implement, see the #readme channel in Discord. And if you have a community that wants a home on Codidact, please visit Site Proposals on Meta.

Thanks all – please join us in these other places to continue what we started here.