Links to all users' accounts and activity visibility

Do you think it should be possible to have access to all of the user’s linked accounts on all sub-sites of the network, including chat, to be able to see all of their activity?

Is that something that should be available to moderators only or all users?

Is that something that users can restrict in their own privacy settings?

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Anyone willing to expend a moderate amount of resources can make a copy of the whole site and sort contributions by users. Anyone not willing to expend any resources can find most of the contributions of a given user by entering their username in a search engine. So hiding the list of contributions from a user does nothing to help privacy.

I’m all for encouraging privacy. I’m against giving people a false sense of privacy. For example, I’m against having an “unlinked account” feature like the one on Stack Exchange, which is relatively easy to see through. I’m for having a way to have public accounts that belong to the same person in such a way that only moderators can see (not an MVP feature).