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So kind of all i can give right now is ideas and improving coding knowledge (quite a lot time i’ll need to be useful with coding so forget about that).

(Disclaimer: this could lead to lots of people signing up here, and if that is not wanted for now this is just a bad idea).

Anyway i’ve come up with an idea for something that can be done by every supporter, while waiting for the economic support part made possible:

Spreading knowledge a.k.a. useful link to be shared through communities and/or social networks

Awareness of the situation by the maximum public reachable is when an act of protest goes on -in my opinion- the first goal to achieve, and I think it can be agreed that Codidact started out as a protest.
So it could be nice providing a shareable link which redirects somewhere (in my opinion Codidact itself) where the situation is explained. I personally stepped into this casually by reading a comment in SE, but not everyone likes reading stuff, especially if not given a valuable input.

This leads me to further suggestions, which I’d like to provide in some sort of a template for the page to which the mentioned link should redirect:

A.k.a. the short phrase that will be readable on the link.
Maybe the most important aspect for something like this to be succesfully spread, some kind of title that makes the reader curious and willing to click on it, best in my experience if something ironic or somehow inspiring some sort of emotional reaction.

What happened
Explanation (made by the ones whith a deep insight) of what happened. I just feel to suggest for it to be concise, but also somehow emotional. Reader should step out from this upset and willing to do something.

why/when/how… did it happen(optional)
Optional useful explanations not included in previous section.

What can i do
Here goes something like “we at this point need the best knowledge of facts by all, so by just sharing this you will be doing something very much useful and appreciated by the community. Also, stay tuned with us as we surely will need further help (Optional: suggest to sign up to Codidact/mention possible future fundraising)”.

I hope this is helpful, if such a link already exists, please share.

I’d caution against spreading the word too much. Remember, the platform itself… doesn’t actually exist yet. We don’t want to set up expectations and then just have people annoyed when they arrive and it’s still in the process of being built from the ground up.

So, yes, we should be letting people know about the project, but. But. We need to make it very clear that this is still in development and isn’t in a usable state.

I’ve already seen comments from people on SE that said that they popped over and were disappointed to discover that it didn’t actually exist yet. We need to avoid setting up false expectations.

For that reason, I don’t think it’s wise to start a massive campaign to inform people about Codidact right now. We don’t especially have to worry about having a critical mass ready for when we launch; that critical mass already half-exists and will arrive from SE when we do go live. So for now, let’s focus on building Codidact; there’ll be a time to market it afterwards.


Not yet. We’re not ready for that yet. If we get too many people interested before there is any meat here, they’ll tune out and not come back later. Save it for a bit.


Fair enough.
I’ll stick to my stuff and eventually show up at that time.
Best of luck to everyone.


We now have a mailing list you can subscribe to for updates (project milestones, new communities, etc): [email protected]

(We’ll find a more prominent place to say that…)