Are there conversation threads?

This seems like it’s at least semi-threaded – I things saying “reply”, but everything is still only displaying at the bottom. If I expand the “reply 2” or whatever button, I see those two there, but then I’m at the bottom if I scroll again.

Is this just because I’m using I.E. (due to dayjob), or is there an option to view-always-threaded or somesuch that I’m missing?


(And I’m cool if there’s a nesting limit of just a few layers, but I really prefer threaded display when that’s possible. It’s easier to skip a fork in the thread, but stay involved in the other parts. There are some sites where I skip ahead a dozen pages or stop reading comments/responses just because it’s gotten unwieldy. )

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Discourse isn’t threaded, it’s ‘essentially flat and chronological’:

Discourse is essentially flat and chronological and there is no support for threading apart from one level of direct reply which is a little alike the example in your image. The reply can be viewed directly after the post it replies to but that is in addition to the default position in strict chronological order.

I think that @codinghorror is repeating what he has said elsewhere many times:

Why is the word “thread” not allowed on Meta?
Thread implies a full blown tree with responses nested infinitely underneath to unlimited depth; we don’t do that here, at all

There are replies to specific posts, which you can jump to, but they appear at the end, as you correctly say.