Blog/Wiki-like posts next to questions

What about wiki/blog posts next to questions?

These posts would not allow answering, only commenting. They could be edited by users with a certain amount of experience. Creating them should be a medium-level privilege.

This is good for some posts, which don’t fit the Q&A format, such as, for example, this one:

I don’t think this is MVP, however having it then wouldn’t be bad either.


I’ve mentioned this type of thing before. For example, DIY has some issues like that where having a canonical Q/A/“thing” o some type would answer a boatload of questions if people could find it easily. With regular Q&A they have to search and newbies don’t know what to look for.


This sounds like it might run afoul of the problem SE has had with tag wikis and Documentation. Tag wikis aren’t visible enough, of course, but very few of them got enough creative attention to be useful for this kind of post.

Documentation had a number of unforced design errors, but AFAICT it didn’t have enough focus on requiring topical expertise, so it never bootstrapped into a self-correcting system; many sections were ignored, others were filled and checked only by the ignorant. The high-level layout concepts were a little vague as well. A better privilege system and a more coherent initial design vision would help those a good deal, as well as the obvious fact that Codidact is not likely to have the massive userbase of eager rep-hunting ignoramuses, even for years after MVP.

I like the idea of a blog-style post that sits right there alongside questions – they show up in the question list, and they have tags so they’re discoverable that way too. To keep things focused, a post of this sort should have a problem statement as a title. “Everything you need to know about database design” is a bad fit for a blog post; “preventing SQL injection and why it matters” is a good fit.


I don’t understand why that would be the case. Blog/Wiki-like posts would be a Q&A in one post, as opposed to two. They would be included in the normal question list.

They are advantageous for posts, such as the one I linked to above. They are not really answers, but more Wikis.

Another advantage is that they allow duplicate closure, unless for example tag wikis.

Normal Q&A threads:

    -- Comment
  - Answer
    -- Comment

Blog/Wiki posts:

  -- Comments

Of course they should be editable by other users. It might be a viable alternative to community-wiki, actually.


I assume if someone searches questions for a related topic, this would appear as a result?

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Yes. I think they would have the same appearance as questions, except for not having answers.