Category Name Changes

Either the Category names changed recently or the UI changed. But I just recently noticed Category names being “big”, which is annoying (especially on small devices) and redundant. I suggest the following changes:

Codidact Software Ideas -> Software Ideas
Codidact Software Development -> Software Development

(Codidact Support is OK - it is shorter than the ones above and makes it clear that we are talking about Codidact Support as opposed to Forum Support)

Hey, that’s partly my fault. We had two issues with the prior way and decided to change it:

  1. It was not clear what the “The New Site” category was about. Some people used it for community policy, which is not it’s purpose, as this will be decided once the site launched.
  2. Some people wished for a category overview rather than a question list on the front page.

I renamed “The New Site” to “Codidact Software Ideas”. I think just “Software Ideas” might be fine, but there is also a possibility of it going off-topic, even more so for “Software Development”. (Some people might think that they are our new site).

I’ll leave this for a while for feedback on my concerns and will act on it accordingly.

You can change back to the old homepage by going to your profile / preferences / Interface and there selecting “Recent” for the default homepage.

I’ll look into changing the category style from “block of color” back to “square before name”, but I’ll first have to ask who changed it for what reason.


I wasn’t sure whether I had accidentally changed it (too many levels down though, so I didn’t think I did), but I already changed it back a couple hours ago because “Latest” (or “Recent”) is the only thing that makes any sense to me. Too much activity - and I’m interested in just about every Category anyway - for anything else to make sense.

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Software Ideas should be fine; I’d recommend using shortening Codidact Software Development to just Codidact Development.


Actually it’s more than that. The change was proposed and implemented in order to try and achieve a cleaner separation between discussions about the platform and the site instance(s). @cellio might want to add more details here.


The problem is that for those of us who are interested in “everything”, Recent/Latest is the only practical way to keep up with things.

That’s pretty much it. Too many of our conversations are getting entangled between what the software needs to be able to do (which does involve discussing use cases) and what our policies should be (e.g. about question quality, closure, the novice-to-expert spectrum). We felt that making categories more prominent would help us discuss things in the right places.

I had a little trouble getting used to the new view too, but once I noticed that for each category I could see (e.g.) “3 unread”, I felt more confident that I am in fact seeing all threads I’m interested in.

We don’t yet have a category for our instance; that’s not our main focus. That said, there are some stray threads that should move into such a category, when one of us has time to create the category and do the moves.

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I do admit that I find the ‘block of colour’ style harder to read.

So, I looked into this and, funnily enough:


My suggestions:

  • Codidact Platform Ideas
  • Software Development

As a non-native English speaker, I have a feeling that being explicit about “software” somehow manages to achieve a clearer distinction for the public at large. That’d be even more important than having the category name prefixed with ‘Codidact’ IMO.


These changes are now implemented:

  • The category style is reverted to boxes with a colorful square before them…
  • “Codidact Software Ideas” (formerly “The New Category”) is now “Codidact Platform Ideas”.
  • “Codidact Software Development” (formerly “Development” AFAIK) is now “Software Development”.

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