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I got to from a community ad post. I had not realized any of these sites were up. Trying to see which ones exist so far, I tried to go to However all I found was this image for a 204 error.

On, if the sites are being stored on subdomains of that address, it is essential that there is a list of sites and some info about what the site is; otherwise I have no way of knowing if Writing is the only site or there are many.

Will there be content on the homepage in the near term? Thanks!


@ArtOfCode Suggest a simple redirect to for now, but we should have something instead of 204.


Aren’t those kittens cute?

Another suggestion I made some time ago was this:


A page like that would be best. I’m just suggesting that a very quick short-term solution would be a redirect. Either one would be better than the cats, as cute as they may be.

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@luap42 Ping me a link to where I can get the code for that page? I’ll throw it up there.


It’s on GitHub. You’ll need the files

  • additional.css
  • index.html
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This has been completed. See

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Looks pretty good. I have some typos/grammatical/etc. Is this in github somewhere so that I can post changes properly? Or just list them here?

I don’t know how exactly Art is hosting it, so best just list them here and we’ll fix them.

I don’t mean the hosting. I mean, is the code sitting in Github somewhere? The main body of Qpixel, the parts (in process) of Codidact, and the landing page are all in Github.

It’s here, but not updated automatically AFAIK:

Issue submitted on Github.

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Thanks. Has been fixed, needs to be redeployed by @ArtOfCode.

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@ArtOfCode deployed. Verified that it looks good. Thank you both.

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