Codidact MVP Roadmap

This post contains the currently agreed-upon roadmap for building Codidact’s MVP. It’s deliberately closed to new replies so the roadmap is always easily accessible; for feedback on the roadmap or on the post, please visit #project-management on Discord.

status: tag info team: tag info

Phase 0: Requirements and Functional Specification status: in progress team: all

0.1 Collection/Discussion status: complete (ongoing)

Requirements must be discussed and agreed upon on the forum, using the MVP tag.

0.2 Codification status: complete (ongoing)

Discussions must be summarised by forum admins and transferred to the codidact/docs wiki.

The last big issues we need to nail down here are reputation (or lack of it), and the form which comments will take. Most other discussions have settled and were written up:

Phase 1: MVP Development status: in progress

1.1 Specification status: in progress team: docs

To run concurrently with 1.2 Skeleton.
Basic specifications must be written for features in order of importance. Roughly this order might work:

  • User accounts (inc. authentication, profile details)
  • Asking questions
  • Posting answers
  • Comments/written feedback mechanism

1.2 Skeleton status: in progress team: backend + dba

To run concurrently with 1.1 Specification.
A basic project skeleton must be created (from a template or auto-generated - doesn’t matter). This must be done to the point where it is possible to clone the repository and get a local copy of the site running, though only to display a sample “it’s working” home page.

Additionally, instructions for its installation and use in a dev environment must be written and added to the project README.

1.3 Feature Development status: in progress team: backend + frontend

Following the order in which specifications are written, features can start to be developed. The order and process by which we do this will continue to be hammered out as we get closer to this point.