"Community" bump

SE has a method where periodically (hourly? might be topic site dependent) an old post that has no accepted answer is bumped to the top of the question list as if it had a recent update. These are tagged with the mythical Community user.

1 - Should we have this at all?

2 - If we have it, should there be a way to turn it off? For example, if a Q has been repeatedly bumped up this way and the OP has not been heard from at all in a long time, odds of suddenly getting an Accepted Answer are pretty much zero.

3 - If we do have this, how about an easy toggle for users to hide the Community questions? If I am on my “usual” site and it doesn’t get a ton of new questions every day, I might want to hide the 5 - 10 Community questions which I’ve already read numerous times before so that I only see the real recent activity.

I think this is not MVP and we can safely ignore it for a while unless the decision affects something about the design. (Which doesn’t seem likely, but I defer to the people who’ll actually be designing it.)


Agree. This is not an MVP item. Just trying to list various items as I come up with them. My understanding is “The New Site” can include any feature, but MVP will get MVP in the title.

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Ah, didn’t pick up on the title pattern. Thanks.

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