Community creation in MVP

One thing we need to consider, too, is:

How can new communities/sites within the “official” instance be created?

  • What about new vs. imported communities?
  • How to propose a new community?
  • How to propose imported communities?
  • Which (if any) requirements should communites need to fulfill (a) to be created and (b) in order to be kept open?
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We do not need a community creation process for the MVP.

The MVP will be communities formed from existing Stack Exchange communities, based on having a critical mass of users. We don’t need a formal process for that.

Community creation is hard. It’s not just not needed for MVP, we need to wait. First we need to see how a bunch of communities grow on our platform, and we need to make the platform somewhat known. Then we’ll have some idea of how communities can start, what might make them viable, and where to tap for an audience.


I am not speaking about a formal procedure. We just need a way to find/select communities and to order them, as we won’t have time/capacities to move more than one at a time.

I agree with starting with existing communities for now.

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We don’t need fancy pages where you (the “new” community) explain who you are and what you want to do and what you transfer from elsewhere and special requirements, etc.

We don’t need a formal process of “show us you can get ‘x’ users and ‘y’ questions a day and ‘z’ votes” or whatever.

We just need a way within our initial group to both prior to “production day 1” and a reasonable time thereafter (a year?) be able to:

  • Discuss communities and how to support them
  • Handle importing from other Q&A platforms on a community-specific basis
  • Setup initial moderators/leaders/etc. for each community to manage day-to-day tasks.

I think it is consensus, that we will not have a “formal process” (like Stack Exchange’s Area 51) for now, which determines when and which sites are created. We will start with existing communities interested in moving.

If no one objects within 36 hours, I’ll close this and write it into our spec-wiki.

(Added to MVP list.)

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