Correct use of QUOTE markup?

How is the QUOTE markup tag properly used, and where is it documented? In another thread I asked about markup, and was pointed to a page on the DigiKey (weird) site. That page does explain some of the markup tags, but not QUOTE.

I have used the little bubble icon when writing a post, and that seeds the replied-to post into the edit window, surrounded by QUOTE tags. However, sometimes for reasons uncertain, those quote tags show up literally in the result. Here is what the final post looks like in the thread, not any longer in the post editor:



Other times it works correctly.

There are apparently details to the QUOTE tag, so I’d like to RTFM. Where do I do that?

Also somewhat related: Sometimes when writing a post, I see the formatted version to the right. Sometimes it’s not correctly formatted (long lines aren’t wrapped, for example), other times there is a blue box with overlapping text. Currently I see the latter. Here is a screen shot:

Put the quote end tag on its own line.







On the blue box: You get that if the system thinks you’re writing something very similar to an existing topic (but in my experience it always matches completely unrelated stuff). Just click the X to make it go away.


Thanks for the explanation.

Once again, though, where is this documented?

There’s this topic where the second post contains a link, but as far as I can see, the quote tag is not described there.

The quote behaviour I figured out by seeing what your post looked like, noting that I never had the problem, thinking about what you made different from me, and then testing the hypothesis.

Note: I’ve now copied my above post to that other topic, so that the markup information gets collected in one place.

There’s this post on the Discourse Meta itself:

Interestingly, Jeff’s example gives [quote] on the same line.

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Markdown works here just the same as on SE/SO, so the quote text can be added after a closing corner bracket and a space like so: “> quote text”

quote text

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However I don’t see how to give parameters to the markdown. For example, the quote above starts with

[quote="user1306322, post:6, topic:339, full:true"]

How would you do that with Markdown?

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Oh I thought the question was about a simple quote. The non-markdown version appears to have more functionality.

I just tested it for a bit and it seems for that [quote] notation to work, opening and closing tags must be at the start of the line. In the OP the [/quote] is at the end of the line, but if a newline is added before the closing tag, it works as it should.