Create sub-forums for discussing up-coming communities?

So there’s naturally a lot of discussion about specific content and upcoming communities. People are eager to hear if there is going to be a community for “this & that”, what rules it will have and so on. This has little to do with MVP and the implementation of the core site mechanics, but maybe it would be helpful to have a separate forum to brainstorm about upcoming communities still?

If we can keep such to a specific forum, it won’t distract from the implementation of the core mechanics. Still, discussing specific communities could lead to good ideas or point out problems with the core implementation. It might also help to build up “hype” about the upcoming site and we can get an idea of which communities there will be at release (currently just Writing and maybe a programming one?).

SE is currently bleeding veteran users badly and I’d love to catch those before they vaporize. All of them (such as yours sincerely) aren’t necessarily useful for building the site itself, but certainly for providing content once it is up. Ideally we’d have some preliminary/temporary moderators ready to go and sufficient numbers of domain experts to provide traffic. So maybe we could come up with some sort of loose format “Area 51” that might provide clues for which communities that will be feasible to include at launch?

Thoughts? Would it be too distracting still, even if kept separate?


I think the existing “The New Site” category is sufficient. It’s already separate from the “Development” category.

And, I think at this early stage, discussions about community needs and use cases are closely tied to site mechanics.

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If we get to the point where it’s overwhelming, that’s a good problem. :slight_smile:


I think there should be a separate category - maybe “New Communities”. “The New Site” to me is a kind of vague catch-all for anything more “Meta” as opposed to “technical”. If we make it a separate Category (and move the existing post for Photography - that’s the one I noticed so far) then I think it will be a little cleaner. Each post (topic? whatever you call them here) would be for a specific potential new Community (Writing, Photography, Statistics, etc.).


Someone also mentioned that they would find it helpful if there was a way to sign up for email notifications of major milestones, such as particular communities launching on Codidact. Adding a category that includes (among other, more active discussions about site scope and such-like) locked threads dedicated to major site announcements from the staff about specific communities would satisfy this reasonably easily, since anyone could just make an account here and sign up for email notifications on those threads.


Email notification is an excellent idea. Then regular users can sign up and wait to get poked when things go live.

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