Discobot Tutorial: Alternative image conversation results in bot confusion

I decided not to “like” the bot’s Image post before Replying with the image (aside: or at all - SE has plenty of unicorns, and I think this site should have its own thing). The responses and confusion are quoted below:

Did you forget to like :heart: my post? :crying_cat_face:


Looks like you didn’t upload an image so I’ve choosen a picture that I’m sure you will enjoy.


Try uploading that one next, or pasting the link in on a line by itself!

(Me, doing what the bot said this time)


Hey, thanks for the reply!

Unfortunately, as a poorly programmed bot, I can’t quite understand that one. :frowning:

You can try again, or if you’d like to skip this step, say skip . Otherwise, to start over, say start tutorial .

I proceeded to skip this step and complete the remainder of the tutorial.

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This is down to how Discourse is built - not something we can control, unfortunately. It may be worth a bug report to Discourse itself.