Experts in copy pasting from SE

I’m just wondering how the site will deal with direct copy pasting from SE sites.
I have a feeling that in some cases it may be a race between users, who will be the first to copy paste answer from SE site. On one hand it’s valid source of knowledge and if it solves the problem, then it’s ok, but on the other hand the whole reputation system can lose meaning if top ten persons will be just copycating answers from othe SE sites.

Have you any thoughts at this? Is it a problem at all?


If we import large quantities of previous Q&A from SE, then what should actually happen is that (as on SE, when things work right,…) the Q will get flagged as a Duplicate. If it gets closed as a duplicate then there will not be any answers and this is a non-issue.


I wasn’t aware that the site will start with imported contet. If that is so, I think my question is no longer valid and can be closed. :slight_smile:


As I understand it, that will be a choice per site. There are also some license issues, which get awkward. Expect some site not to import anything from elsewhere.

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Even assuming no content is imported, I still have a gut feeling that this won’t actually be a big problem. Why aren’t Quora, Yahoo Answers, and Reddit inundated with massive numbers of people copy-pasting SE answers? (An obvious answer is that all three are far more flexible in the sorts of questions they allow, but I don’t think that’s quite sufficient.)

Also, consider this: a straight copy-paste without attribution is easily labeled plagiarism and forbidden. Link-only answers are also easily forbidden since, like SE, we require that answers making use of external resources quote enough of those resources to be stand-alone in case the link goes dead. (And we certainly aren’t going to assume that SE will live forever!) So someone making use of an answer on SE will have to 1) attribute the original, 2) contain enough material to stand by itself without relying on SE, and 3) add enough substance that their answer isn’t 100% quotes. In that case, mission accomplished? A user put in the time and effort to contribute a good answer backed up with references.

If we still have problems with serial copy-pasters, we can just suspend them for the good of the community. Mods have never needed explicit rule-breaking to suspend people that are not contributing constructively to the site.


Why aren’t Quora, Yahoo Answers, and Reddit inundated with massive numbers of people copy-pasting SE answers?

Because they don’t have similar reputation system. Look for example at SO itself, there are users who try to copy paste other answers to gain reputation.

Surely on this site some questions will be duplicates of SE questions and so the valid answers. I’m not sure if moderators will be happy in recognition if change in one sentence is enough for plagiarism.

As for me import at state zero with proper attribution can solve this. Later on the case of next duplicates of future questions can be solved with moderation as you mentioned.

We won’t have a similar reputation system on Codidact, either. Codidact will have user trust levels (see the wiki for information), and will not display a single reputation number.

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Ok, done homework and gone through the discussion and some wiki. So there will be no single reputation number, agreed, but will there be any user stats like upvotes/downvotes on particular tag (this is mentioned somehow at this discussion), however can’t find any info at wiki.

Also is there any info at wiki about the bounty system (will there be any)?

We should show tag upvote/downvote stats on user profiles. We haven’t speced that out or said it’s MVP, but it’s something we should do in v 1.1 if not 1.0.

Without a currency (like rep on SE) it’s hard to do bounties; what would you offer? I’ve been thinking about a scheme where users get a small number of slowly-renewable “tokens” that they can use to highlight questions – not MVP but an idea I’ve been kicking around in my head.


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