Flagging discobot's message in the tutorial chat does not seem to work

Entirely new to the site and trying out things.

I have been chatting with discobot, but I may have found a bug at the flagging phase of the tutorial.
Otherwise, I may have misunderstood the instructions.

After flagging the post as requested, the conversation stops because the bot does not recognize its own post as flagged, despite the UI telling me otherwise.

Maybe I flagged for the “wrong” reason (“other”…)?

Hoping I didn’t end up spamming mods…


You are correct. This is happening, because you flagged the post with “Something Else”. These flags work somehow different: They create a direct message to every site moderator, instead of an entry in the mod review queue.

In your case it is this post, which only you and moderators should be able to access:


Because this has happened a few times now, I have gone ahead and changed the text of the welcome message. The last line will be for new messages::

I guess you know what to do. Go ahead and flag this post as inappropriate! Please don’t use the “Something Else” option, however, as these flags work a little bit different.


Thanks @luap42! Apologies in order, to any mod I’ve spammed in the process, then :sweat_smile: