Frequently Asked Questions

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How to get the people to build that site for cheap / free?

Our idea is to develop the site as open-source software. So many people don’t have to contribute much for it in order to work. There will be the need for a core team. I would definitely be part of it and I think some other people would like to be so, too. Furthermore I think, that there is no real time pressure, so it is not that important to build the site as fast as possible. It is therefore not important to have people spending that much time involved than it would be needed in a commercial application.

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What tools and technologies should be used to build the site?

  • After voting, it’s decided that we are going to use C# ( core) to build our Q&A.
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I have a suggestion for the site or project name. Where do I share it?

Name proposal collection is currently on hold.

Please submit your suggestions to to this form:

Suggestions can optionally be submitted in the format name (site) .


  • Cool Site (main network)
  • Happy Debugging (programming)
  • ~Le Codename (project codename)

Name proposals can be submitted at any time and anyone can submit as many as they want. The form only allows up to 5 at a time, but multiple responses are allowed. It is expected that all suggestions will eventually be curated an voted upon by the core development team.

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Who Owns This?

Useful question by MakotoTheKnight

I’ve been engaged for the last two or so days in some Agile training, and I’d like to understand a fundamental question before this gets too far.
At best, everyone involved in the discussions would be stakeholders. But I’m not entirely clear who’s really steering this whole operation.
So…who’s the point person that owns this thing?

(some parts snipped)

Depends in what sense you’re thinking about it. currently there are three roles - team lead, tech lead, and docs lead - that are @ArtOfCode, @Marc.2377, and @cellio respectively. As for site leadership, we haven’t decided on that yet.


I think they can be compared to “project owners” in the agile-management sense.


In the spirit of the project itself, we’ve been trying to conduct things in as flat of an hierarchy as we possibly can. In that sense, no single person or small group owns this project.


What does MVP/“is MVP”/“is not MVP” mean?

Sometimes you see either the term “MVP” or the phrases “That is MVP”/“That is not MVP”. What does it mean?


MVP stands for “Minimum Viable Product” and describes the minimum required set of features the first version of our software should have. It can be seen as the goal for a version “1.0”.

“That is MVP”/“That is not MVP”

When looking at/discussing feature ideas, it is important to know, whether something is just a general note of “we should have this, sometimes” or whether something should be part of our MVP. Subsequently the tags #mvp and #non-mvp are used to categorize these posts.

When it is said, that a feature “is not MVP”, it doesn’t mean, that this feature must not be implemented before the MVP launch. However it means, that the development of this feature should not be blocking MVP launch. If it is not complete, it doesn’t matter.

On the other hand, “is MVP”-features are required to be completed, before we are able to launch our MVP-version.