How can I participate in this project?

I have just seen this forum/Discord channel/GitHub repo and want to participate. What can I do and how can I do so?


Thanks for being interested in participating in our project.

There are various things in which you can help us:

  • Programming
  • Ideas
  • Community building

Look at the respective headings to see, how you can participate in each discipline. If you think you’re awesome at something that is not listed here, don’t worry. You can ask in this forum or in the Discord channel and we’ll try to find some work for you. :slight_smile:

If you want to help, please join our Discord instance for spontaneous/ephemeral discussions and so that we can help you, if needed. (or otherwise)
Also, while you are there, please ask for a Contributor role, so that we can ping you if there is something important.


We already decided that our software should be based on C# with ASP.NET Core. So if you’re used to that framework, awesome.
However even if you have no/not much experience with it yet, you can still join our development team. See it as a chance to learn something new.

Most development effort will take place in our GitHub repo. You can clone our repo and submit pull requests and therefore help us.

Please read our Wiki and this forum before starting the development work, to make sure that you’re not developing something that has been rejected before or is already in progress.

When you’re uncertain you can always join our Discord channel and ask for help.


You have ideas for this project? Great. Please share them with us.

You can do so in three ways:

  1. Opening an issue at our GitHub repository.
    You can open an issue with concrete implementation details and we’ll be able to assess it and (if possible) implement it.
  2. Propose it in this forum.
    You can also open a new thread in this forum and propose your idea there. This is awesome if you are not yet 100% sure about the details and want to solicit discussion around it. Please post your thread in the channel #new-site.
  3. Use chat. (not recommended)
    You can also propose your idea in chat and let other people vote on/discuss it. However chat is hard to search and messages are ephemeral. So if there is something important/nice resulting from a chat discussion, please propose it also in any of the other two methods.

Community building

You can help us build/transfer a community? Also great.

However currently we are still in the earliest stage of development. If you have some great ideas, you can share them here. We’ll consider them, once we’re ready.


For feedback on this FAQ, please flag the post or use Discord.

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