I visit the homepage and I don't know how to access individual communities

I come from one Monica’s page, get to https://forum.codidact.org/ and don’t know what to do next

Yeah at this point it would be good to have a “welcome” category, with a short project description, current project status, and pointers to “things that can be done” (where/how to discuss things, prominent discussion to prevent duplicates, where/how to add code).

To answer you directly:

  • It’s a currently still growing project, still “under construction”.
  • There’s one temporary Q&A instance for writing and one for a meta
  • If you want to contribute, the current options are working more things out in discussions (chat in discord, but preferably in forum discussions here) or contributing code on github.

See also the main page, which links to a couple of these things (but most is happening in this forum, so you haven’t arrived at the wrong place).

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There is already a “banner topic”, which is shown at the top of the screen for every “new” user (unless dismissed manually):

I can update it, if you think that there’s something missing, but it should fulfill the request from you.

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Well I don’t know if many people would disagree, but IMHO it can be improved from UX perspective
(also considering that things are changing).

The first paragraph I would keep, it’s a nice and short quick summary. Maybe the second one too, but that’s already in danger of not being read by a lot of people.

For who?

I imagine new people arriving here,

  • some want to know how well we’re doing with our goals
  • some have ideas / want to “have a say”
  • some want to put in some work

Visual guidance

So after that very short introduction it should be big fat headlines, something along the lines of

“Current status of the project”
“How to contribute (discussion)”
“How to contribute (code)”

More specific information

Under each of the headline should be a slightly longer, but still short description about respective recent and/or important developments. Possibly 1 or 2 links.

Updated every month or so. At least if I’m correct that things are “really” set in motion now.

I put this post in approximately the format I described, anybody dislike?