I want to make a codidact website. What resources do I need and what should I do?

If somebody wants to create a website based on the codidact framework.

  • What should they ‘minimally’ (hardware/software/knowledge) need to be able to do this?
  • What should they ‘optimally’ need?

Say they want to go to the university chancellor, IT department, or do some crowdfunding, then what is the financial picture that they need to sketch for making a codidact website?

(As an example say they are thinking of a website which will copy some 100k questions from SE, which should be trimmed down to about 50k, and will need to be able to grow to up to 100k visits per day, but in the initial years one or several 10k’s visits will be enough)

  • hardware + costs of hardware
  • application management, system management (minimal knowledge and typical time necessary to start up and keep running)
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In addition, are there specific countries that are more or less advantageous to locate the website, from a legal point of view?

It’s too early to say anything in terms of minimal hardware yet.

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The Codidact organization (us folks building the software) plan to host an instance and invite communities to join our network. Such communities don’t need their own hardware; what they’ll need is people to build and curate the content. Importing from SE will be supported. Communities will have to follow the rules set by the Codidact organization for its instance, which are anticipated to be very lightweight but aren’t written down yet. Broadly speaking, we plan to collaborate with our communities and assume that reasonable people can work out issues that arise.

The Codidact platform is open-source and designed so that anybody else can set up an instance. This could be for reasons ranging from wanting complete control of your deployment to wanting to customize the code to needing to dodge oppressive governments to wanting different operational policies. We’re fine with that! For this you’ll need your own servers etc. We are not yet far-enough along to be able to describe that in real detail.


I don’t know if anyone here is in a real position to answer that. The question is not specific to Codidact or to Q&A sites in general - arguably any site that allows user content, even a simple WordPress site that allows users to post Comments would raise the same legal questions.

The code itself is open source - you can use it anywhere on this planet (you could take it to Mars when Elon gets the colony started). But where is legally or operationally best depends on too many outside factors to give any one answer.