Incredibly minor complaint: two green categories

The New Site and General are both the same or similar shade of green. This is a travesty.

Wait, no, it isn’t. But it is mildly annoying.

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Fixed, I’ve changed the color on The New Site :slight_smile:

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There is only a limited amount of colors “recommended.”:

Those marked with a check are already in use.

BTW @ArtOfCode I’d recommend to change General, rather than The New Site, because the latter is used more often and people will be confused if it suddenly changes the color. That isn’t true for General.

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oh… this is why now the New Site and Development are nearly indistinguishable… oh well :smiley:

maybe see this post on distinct colors if you have control and can assign custom colors:

Fixed. The New Site is now green again, General is now black.