Is creating a better than average open-source plug&play Q&A core site one of the goals?

I thought that any such initiative would have as one of its parallel main goals the creation and maintaining of a high quality core featured Q&A site platform, which would be expanded by the custom features suitable for each separate sub-site, which anyone could very easily download from say Github and get up and running without the requirement of advanced database knowledge for their personal projects or at work. Is something like that one of the goals of this initiative?


Not for MVP. For MVP, we just need to be able to set it up and run it ourselves, and to provide basic instructions for someone with the necessary technical aptitude to set it up if they wish to. Once we’re past MVP, then we can look at making it easy for non-technical folks to set up their own site (which could be a paid product, along the lines of "click this button and we’ll set up a Codidact site for you, but that’s a discussion for another day).