List of Codidact existing communities

Hello, folks

I see there is already a Codidact site for Writing ( However, I was not able to find here or in that site the links for a list of all subsites (as SE has).

First, is there another Codidact site already open?

Second, how can I get informed about new Codidact sites when they were created?

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That sit is running a stopgap solution that is probably not going to be the software we end up building.

In the header there should be a discord link which is probably the best way of keeping up to date.


There’s a list of all currently existing Codidact-communities now. You can find it on:

AFAIK we don’t have notifications for new communities yet, but we have a mailing list managed by @manassehkatz (subscribe on I think we can use it for this kind of notification.


We haven’t used the list yet. It would probably make sense to send a message once we’ve got the initial glitches out of the Outdoors. I’ve been casually following the process in Discord and just checked and it seems to be working well, but I haven’t tested it too thoroughly.

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I’d like to fix the pagination bug first, and then I think we should announce it (along with a general update about our QPixel-based approach and invitation for other communities to join us).