MVP Proposal: Quality Control


We need to have some way to control post quality. On SE, this is primarily done with voting, and there are score thresholds set at which various things happen (high scores give you badges, low scores knock you off default question lists).


I propose we use voting as well; simple up/down will suffice. We probably don’t need score threshold triggers for MVP.

We can also use closing/reopening for questions for QC; questions that aren’t up to community standards can be closed and requests for more information added until they’re up to scratch.


One more thing I’d add would be the option to delete/hide posts without db access. This should be a mod-only feature for now, not sure about closing. That could be given as a binding tool to all users of a certain experience level for now (as in the beginning of SE).

This is not a coarse requirement, it’s a whole class of coarse requirements. Can you please break it up? Question quality control, question suitability, answer quality control, answer suitability and ensuring respect are five completely different problems.

Changed, @gilles. This is now quality control, though I won’t split it up into questions vs answers because they’ll be broadly similar.

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I would argue that votes are not simply about quality. They can be about quality, but they are also a measure of popularity. That varies a bit between topic sites. Close/delete/etc. are about quality.

Close/delete are about suitability, not quality. A high-quality question about gardening should be closed on a site about math. A well-research proposal for a book should be closed as overly broad.

@manassehkatz Votes are more of an indication of popularity and age than quality. That’s why I’d like to look for an alternative instead of just blindly copying SE.


We appear to have reached consensus here.

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Editing is a separate thing, @bertieb - this QC thread is more for quality feedback than QC actions like editing.


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