MVP Proposal: User Trust and Reward System

On that note, I’d like to propose a set of User Trust levels.

Trust Level 0 - Newbie

This is the level of trust for brand new users. Contains a "new contributor" label.
  • May post 1 question and 1 answer per day.
  • May comment infinitely on their own questions/answers.

Trust Level 1 - Novice

A level of trust for new members.


  • At least 1 well received (wilson score above 0.5) question/answer.

New Perks:

  • May now post n questions/answers per day, where n is the number of well-received questions/answers they have + 1.
  • May now suggest edits and flag posts.
  • May now post up to 5 10 comments per day on other people’s questions/answers.

Trust Level 2 - Member

The standard level of trust for most users on the site.


  • At least 5 well-received questions/answers.
  • At least 2 hours spent on the site.

New Perks:

  • Question/answer/comment count restrictions are removed.
  • May now access the downvote button.

Beyond Trust Level 2, levels should become site specific.

Trust Level 3 - Constable

The first level of moderation, intended for those who have an interest in moderating the site but not much time to do so.


  • At least 12 hours spent on the site.
  • At least 250 150 accepted flags.
  • At least 100 50 accepted edits.
  • At least 20 15 well-received questions/answers.

New Perks:

  • Ability to vote-to-close directly, rather than simply flagging.
  • Ability to edit directly, without review.
  • Ability to review suggested edits and flags.
  • May protect posts from being answered by any TL0s.

Trust Level 4 - Deputy

This is the level of trust for those wishing to become moderators - trial moderators, if you will.


  • At least 50 hours spent on the site.
  • At least 500 successful reviews completed, with at least 100 in each category (e.g 120 edits, 380 flags reviewed).

New Perks:

  • May temporarily lock.
  • May temporarily freeze posts, holding vote counts in place.
  • May soft-delete posts.

Trust Level 5 - Moderator

Full moderators receive trust level 5, but may lose it upon becoming inactive.


  • Voted in by community. (can be voted out again by community)
  • Vetting by all current moderators.

New Perks:

  • May permanently lock posts.
  • May block users.
  • May suspend specific permissions for users.
  • Has access to all moderation tools that we come up with in the future.

Trust Level 6 - Council

This is a temporary trust level granted to review council members when dealing with disciplinary actions. This could also serve for the developer-tier of trust, assuming developers don't just have console access to each site.
  • May adjust Trust Levels of all TL2-5s.

Please leave any feedback you may have. I’m happy to make changes based on people’s opinions, as I’m not experienced in Q&A moderation, so I don’t know what might be appropriate points in which we promote/demote people.