My story how I found Codidact & My Idea of a new StackOverflow

My story how I found CODIDACT

this week a user posted a question on overflow The user had a problem responding to all rage comments when users gave a lot of downvots and no useful comments he felt like no one will help him , I was entering the solution then suddenly he deleted his question :rage:

I felt bad does this happen all the time
People spend time trying to help then the Ops don’t get helped

Also other scenario where multiple users answer same way at the exact time so that’s a waste of time when more than one work on same question every time

I had a problem with sending a direct massage , tried his profile , I even tried his name in twitter/facebook , i searched SO for how to contact user directly i found a question the first answer was the So called Monica :astonished: :heart_eyes: i saw her profile found this project.

Also because the reputation system is garbage & needs improvement I used a sockpuppet😁to get my answers one vote when the users just copy the answer & don’t say anything ,

they don’t vote they just leave the site , so I helped myself I think that the system should automatically give reputation upon involving in a question or when the answer is the only answer & the only answer with some votes get accepted after a inactivity for a few days , also maybe requiring down voters to comment

they deleted my sockpuppet&all votes gone any way :rofl:

I read about the reinstate-Monica controversy
I think stack overflow maybe will not react positively if I posted my ideas in meta so thought that there should be another successful version of stack overflow that values the effort of its contributors “users who answer questions& help improve the site”

We need to overcome this problems

• There is no direct communication between Users
   When the users need to follow up with an OP , 
   Especially "OneTimerz"  some users discover the website then in their first minutes experience a bad responses  
   "you don't expect new users come to ask to know every rule and how to make a really good question"

• We need  to make some fair systems for the Users who contribute Daily  or trying to make a name for themselves  in the developers community

• Question Lifecycle Interactive Guide   
	○ guiding users visually to the proper way to::  Search existing Duplicates->introduce Problem->Clarify Current Situation(avoideXYquesions)->present Code/Ways to Reproduce

• MultiFeature Runnable Snippet
	○ Proper  Integration  with code editors or websites(CodePen,CodeSandBox)& Embedding runnable code 
	○ Easier implementation for MinimumReproducibleCode 
		 "Ex: php-snippet   [export empty sql create table][php/html]"

User in Question page can be in Answering Mode(making use of fully featured built-in/embedded runnable snippet)
& commenting&Chatting( :relieved: yes StackOverflow it can happen in one page :relieved: )



My Idea of a new StackOverflow

The Golden Age of StackOverflow has ended years ago

So I started brainstorming for another version of StackOverflow (Stack-Realm)
(using SO APIs to get realtime data&users can login with their StackOverflow data imported (not sure what the API allow us right now) ,

NOT Dividing the Community but Syncing with StackOverflow

A new SO but more entertaining & fun experience to challenge ourselves & help people & get rewarded (your S.E Realm character that gets rewarded)

StackRealm or StackLand  

I didn’t know that you guys making a StackExchange of your own , So I pictured the website in a different way

imagine it Like a Game but you don’t play things just move around & everything is alive things are more Visual

Every users has a tiny living character (maybe human or pet) user uses his points to purchase items & dress for his character
Maybe a belt represents a tag badge

actions happening gets translated to game world events  like this:

Funny effects using overlayed animated sprites

character does some actions when user (comments / votes / submits answer)
ex: when user writes code/comment tiny-character writes code on its tiny laptop

Also Days active in website === tiny-character age&shape

When there is more than one answer & OP accepts answer a character shows up to kill the other competitors (making helping people more fun)
When user is on the Question page someone DownVote him / or one of the users who answered the question a bomb gets thrown " inside the Question "

Every Question creates a Space/land in the website when the upvotes casts inside the question its space increases Which increases the amount of User Build points (for user who gets votes Q or A )
& when users get down-votes gets notification& animation of “someone destroyed something in your land”

land can be built using small animated objects(user land maybe it’s the Profile view)

Also the Tags or a combination of tags preserves a spaces of blob like space
inside it exists all questions to search or to view existing users
some users has small house others has a bigger spot (depend on reputation)

When a question is created Online users " inside that TAG space "
they see a small character [stuck inside a maze / held inside prison/surrounded by deadly Bugs ] and the title of the question is written over that small animated sprite list( question list)
It’s like a rescue task

The question situation changes so the type of animation sprite

On Question page Answers viewed as a Card with css3d simple-animation

Moral Rewards For Servicing the community

The Shields that are clearly showing the users contribution in a specific field

User Gets a bigger House when points(reputation) Reaches certain level
showing character wealth (user total contribution[Votes&VotedAnswerCount]) ,
also showing his Size&Respect&Value in the Community

How we can put together some of this ideas into Codidact

Maybe FunMode On/Off Feature (it’s just events after all server sends data then Client behaves in two different ways traditional or FunMode).

i know maybe some of you may don’t like the idea
but feel free to express your emotions in the comments/reply after that help me put some of that content to codiddact::feature::Usecases

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It’s not that I don’t like it, but you’re describing a different project.
In the past months, a whole bunch of people worked on this, coming to conclusions in lengthy discussions, writing documentation, writing code…
Your idea is so different that it would mean throwing 99% of it away. That seems… disrespectful.

That being said, Codidact will have an API. So you can start a project that uses data (questions, answers etc) from Codidact to realise your idea.


This is spot on. I’m ambivalent about the idea itself, but regardless - it’s not something that Codidact will support. It’s too much work to justify, and it doesn’t fit in with what we’re trying to achieve.

TL;DR: Everyone has a “new Stack Overflow” idea, but that’s not what we’re building.


you are right , i came late to codidact project , didn’t have a chance to form a full picture of the project :pensive:

also about the API :
very cool but you may find that after period of time huge part of traffic is gone from the site , could this be a problem?

At the moment, the websites themselves aren’t even really started yet.
In other words, we first need to get a lot of traffic before we are even in a position to lose a lot of traffic.

The idea of a Q&A platform is proven, and there are whole communities wanting to get away from SE. That’s a big starting bonus, which makes this project less likely to fail.

However, keep in mind that “communities” here means the people who are actively participating! So for one community, that can mean 10 moderators and 50 active subject matter experts - but not the 1000 visitors who just get there via google search! Those will make up the biggest part of traffic, but that number will grow much more organically; more slowly over time.

And that process hasn’t even really started. We have one community on an intermediate platform that’s missing all kinds of features, and one meta (which is only about ourselves and not interesting to other people). So we’re not in a position to invite people to our platform yet.
So in short, we won’t have to worry about declining traffic anytime soon.


It seems to me that you describe a site that would appeal to a very different audience than those that visit StackExchange. The heavy game-ification you describe would surely be interesting to see, but I think it kind of has mixed goals that would compete with and hinder each other. Some people would come to “play the game” and others would come to participate in Q&A to actually get and provide answers to real problems.

I don’t think it would work super well, but I do really like your creativity and the concept of making websites as fun to use as games.


Hi i want to remind you with a point that the reason why i took the idea that direction because i when i talk about SE i see only with an eye of a Stack-overflow member , so i know that there’s other communities .

also one thing : why Gamification , why tangible rewards , why Extra-reputation
. . . Just take a look at the questions with bounty how many answers they get.

but you are all right this is maybe another project ,also any idea/feature should take into consideration every discussions and decisions made .