New profile features in this forum

Hello everyone,

I have added two new profile fields to this Discourse instance:

  • Discord user name – Your user name on our Discord server
  • Stack Exchange account – A link to your Stack Exchange (any site or network profile) account

You can edit it in your preferences (click on the user icon in the header, click on your name, choose preferences, choose profile). However you might need to refresh the browser window for the settings to show up.

The values will be shown in your profile and your Discord name will also be shown in your user card (click on my name above this profile to see it). Of course setting them is optional, however I think it might be useful to add them if you want.

If you have any questions/concerns, respond to this post.


What’s a “Discord”? It doesn’t seem to be explained here, and clicking on one of the links just got me a blank page?

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DIscord is a text and voice chat system. It has both native apps and a web-browser based interface.

You can join the Codidact discussion (called a ‘server’ in Discord terminology) via an invite link.


Does the discord user name have any functionality other than being informative? Because my actual discord name (set earlier on another Discord server) is not equal to my nickname on the codidact discord (which I set to mach the one on stackexchange, and which is also the one I use here).

Unfortunately AFAICT Discord doesn’t support separate identities for separate servers (several accounts and constant logging in/out would be too much effort).

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It’s helpful for tallying votes if someone votes on Discord and on here; it doesn’t offer any additional functionality beyond that. In case anyone else sees it and wonders, there is a way to use your Discord credentials to log in here, but that’s separate!

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You can set up a different username per-server in Discord.

I know (and have used) the nickname feature. However that is not keeping the identities separate. From the very page you linked:

Keep in mind that even if you’re going incognito with another nickname, anyone can still click on your user profile and see your true name.

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Oh, I misunderstood what you were saying I suppose. I figured having a nickname would solve your problem, just trying to help :slight_smile:

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