No more than 3 consecutive replies allowed

So I posted something on this site and I’m getting lots of replies from different users. As I’m trying to answer each one of them, I end up with:

No more than 3 consecutive replies are allowed. Please edit your previous reply, or wait for someone to reply to you.

But I’m not replying to the main question, I’m replying to replies. Surely I should be able to respond everyone who replied to me, even if there are more than 3 of them. Bug?

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Probably it wants you to reduce you making more than 3 consecutive posts. You can also reply to multiple people in a single post by using quotes.

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This is intentional by the system:

I could change the site setting if it is really needed, however I think the (undeleted) approach by @MartijnWeterings is a good thing.

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Replying to several people in the same post is really messy though, especially when the replies are completely unrelated. Overall it is a pain to follow discussion threads on this forum. Makes me think we should be using Reddit or something instead.

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But, somehow my posts have been removed without notification. So maybe it does not work.

No. I deleted them, because they were not on-topic for this discussion.

It’s no problem that you did it and it definitely would be okay (for me) if you published your “exploit” or even used it (unless abused).

In the quote I referred to your still undelete message showing how to address multiple people.