Noobs want to help

Please provide a way for not skilled people to support you, economically or in the way you prefere. I think and hope that sooner or later lots of people will know about this and a lot will want to help you but won’t know how to do that. Also I’d suggest a faq about.


“Economically” will be very much appreciated. There are some technical and (especially) legal things to be resolved first, and there is a concern (which I share) that asking for money before there is a reasonably-close “startup date” would not be fair to potential donors. Fortunately, enough people have stepped up to start the development process donating hosting (for this Forum, chat, email, home page, etc.) and donating their time, that money is not the key issue at the moment.

As far as FAQ, etc. We are working on a more detailed home page and other stuff. Stay tuned!