Project Documentation

The forum is flooding with many good ideas. At some point it starts to become difficult to get a good oversight.

Is it a good idea to create a wiki or some other collaborative system where we document and build some sort of project plan and documentation that will help to summarize whatever has come up in the discussions? Or maybe it has already been created and I don’t see it.

(I actually had in my mind, while browsing the linear/branched forums, how much usefull it would have been to have something like Google Waves)

An example is in the discussion “when do we start?”, which could be accompanied by some Gantt chart (or some alternative), which people can edit and change according to the ideas that followed from the discussions.


Oh man, you haven’t seen Discord, then. :smile:
(Refer to the archived channels, at the bottom of the channel list.)

Anyway, a Wiki is in place:

Pinging @Leads to make sure Monica and Art will see this feedback as well.

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As @Marc.2377 said before, we have a GitHub Wiki, where this project should be documented. However it used to be quite hidden.

Well no more:

We have added a banner topic, which features important information about this site/project at the top of every page. This includes giving our Discord server, our GitHub project and its wiki more visibility, too:



Everybody, please do record things in the wiki when they’re reasonably stable. Keep discussions on the forum; record results on the wiki. No result is ever really final; wikis can be edited. But yes, please do use the wiki to help organize what’s coming out of the forum!

As for Discord, I know there’s some stuff there that needs to be pulled out and recorded on the wiki (or brought up on the forum). Discord is chaotic; I haven’t spent enough time on this yet. If you’ve got time to help with that too, please do. This can’t be a one-person effort.


This is something I’ve been using more and more sparingly, but is probably warranted here - allow me to ping @Contributor to check your post above.