Refugee Landing Site

Hey everyone. I resigned my diamond yesterday and thought I would check this place out. Looks like a good start and I look forward to seeing things develop. I don’t have any particularly useful technical skills but I’m a PM and don’t mind doing design work.

Also thought it would be good to have a place for the newly arrived to have a place to say hello.

So here is that place. :slight_smile:


Welcome James, thanks for joining our community. :smiley:

We’re looking for all kinds of skills. If you’d like to help, please join our Discord server, and make a post in the #skillset channel.


I’ve updated the link to never expire



is there a new Discord server link please? That one seems to have expired and I would like to see where I can contribute also. :slight_smile:

1 Like should do the trick

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Hello Everyone,

I’m just a normal user over at SO, but I am concerned about what is happening to the community over there and wanted to check this place out. So far, I love the concept and cannot wait to see how this develops. I hope to contribute ideas as I continue to read through all of the posts here. :smiley: