Should a user be allowed to import their posts from another network?

I don’t know if all SE content is going to be copied over and maintained always updated, so I’m asking for a case where a user wants to import just their own posts + all the posts on the pages where their posts appear.

Let’s say I have an account on a StackExchange Cooking or Android site, or some other compatible Q&A platform, and I’d like to copy over the answers and questions I have posted along with the relevant posts on the same pages. Should it be a thing?

Also I suppose there should be a way for users who have both accounts and whose posts get imported should be able to, have their posts associated to their Codidact account.

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Those exact issues have already been discussed, and the basic answers are:

  • “some or all, to be determined” content will be imported in bulk from a “matching” SE site where practical.
  • When a user joins a Codidact community, they will have the opportunity to link their Codidact & SE accounts in order to indicate that all of their originally-SE content “belongs” to them and possibly (to be determined depending on the mechanism involved) import any new/not-yet-imported content that they created.

For import from other sites, it depends on the license and TOS of that site.

If you as author retain all rights and the site allows scraping the content, then it should definitely be possible to import the data from there for users coming to Codidact (assuming there are no technical issues preventing it). Importing content before a user requests it is only possible if the other site’s license allows it. And of course, the author can always manually copy the content over unless the right to do so was waived by posting to that other site (for example, if the author transfers copyright, or grants an exclusive license to that site).