Should discussions about what Stack Exchange Inc. is doing be off-topic?

I’ve noticed a few posts on these forums, and on the Discord server, talking about things Stack Exchange is doing or has done, such as announcements or events like staff being fired.

While I think that those things are interesting to discuss, I can’t help but feel that a lot of that stuff is a distraction from the Codidact project.

I think it would be much better for this project if people could move on and stop talking about SE!

Does anyone else have a view on this? Maybe we could say that “meta” stuff about SE is off-topic in most categories of the forum or in most of the Discord channels? Using SE as a comparator when discussing how to build a feaure would be on-topic, but gossip about the latest staff firing would not.

As fas as I think, such discussions are already off topic in most chat channels. However, I’d recommend not to ban it in the general chat channel. Remember, that our chat is also intended to be a more casual place than this forum.

People are coming to us, because they are dissatisfied with Stack Exchange. I think it’s normal, that they want to talk about it. And I think it is okay, mostly.

What is not acceptable, is to insult or being rude to SE staff. Even if there were someone, who almost everyone here doesn’t like. And even if there were good reasons for that. Allowing that kind of behavior would be very detrimental IMO. And keep in mind, that our Code of Conduct applies to that, too.

I think there is nothing wrong with chatting about random stuff, when it doesn’t block anything else. That criterion should be fulfilled, by limiting it to one channel only. And, because it’s the one thing that connects us (for now), we shouldn’t ban it, when done legitimately.

That’s for chat. I haven’t seen any of these discussions here so far, but I think that would be less okay, as it’d probably be off topic n


What is SE :slight_smile:

However, I believe that disussion that attempts to improve upon the forerunner has the potential to be constructive.

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