Site should be usable with javascript disabled

Privacy is a concern for many people online these days, and having an option to just disable all javascript and be able to access QA from anywhere in the world with the least worries is a good thing.

Not an MVP proposal, but at some point I think this should be implemented as an option.


To an extent. The major functions of the site (asking, answering, commenting) should be usable without JS. The bells and whistles and more advanced functionality need not.


Actually I would consider usability without JavaScript at least for reading without account as MVP. I think that would also improve the visibility via search engines (I don’t think the search engines execute JavaScript; I might be wrong on that point, though).


Google will execute some JavaScript when crawling, but the last time I checked they didn’t document what JavaScript they execute and recommended that you not rely on any being executed when crawling.


I totally agree on this one. Personally, I use a plugin for FF and only enables it on sites that I really want to use. Of course some features will disappear, but it should definitely be possible to use it without js.

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Being that this is an Open Source project, wouldn’t having the JavaScript source available (and ideally independently audited) alleviate most privacy concerns?

Still worth considering for people with all scripts permanently disabled though.