Some historical insights, added thirdparty CoC ideas

I saw this page and cannot recall how I came to it. It may be helpful on directing the design of Codidact to avoid some of the failings in function and ethos where possible.

I ran into the three new threads limit so posted the above on the old discord site but found it here in my dafts so posting it with the new page I stumbled onto. While I have had almost no exposure to Ycombinator or HackerNews I went and read their CoC and it made me feel all warm and loved. They do not ask people to act different to a normal civilised person. That makes me feel erspected and I would respect the space in turn. Being treated like a child and then punished for not being more adult than adults is not a nice environment (new SE CoC).


The last paragraph of the Hacker News guidance is particularly good:

Which brings us to the most important principle on HN: civility. Since long before the web, the anonymity of online conversation has lured people into being much ruder than they’d be in person. So the principle here is: don’t say anything you wouldn’t say face to face. This doesn’t mean you can’t disagree. But disagree without calling names. If you’re right, your argument will be more convincing without them.