Support side-by-side display of Markdown text editor and how the post will actually look on high resolution displays

It would be nice if users with larger monitors could use that real estate to see the rendered preview to the left or right of the Markdown editor textbox. The layout of the page could change automatically when the browser’s viewport fits both the editor and preview’s full width.

For lower resolutions (or narrower browser window sizes) it could be enabled manually, although the preview width would depend on half the window’s size and wouldn’t match the default width, it could still be a useful feature to have for a better editing experience.


Sweet idea. I’m in favor. But not for MVP unless it is really easy.

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I suspect that won’t be hard to do. Or rather, the “hard part” will be “getting any live preview at all” (there are two ways to do that - client-side rendering or frequent round-trips to the server - each has advantages, disadvantages and potential complications). Once we have that, sizing it to the right vs. below will be just a bit o’ CSS.

I’m with dmckee. Live preview can be nice (can also be annoying when done poorly), but this is certainly not required for MVP. I’d be fine with a preview button to click to see what the result will look like.

There is live preview for the window I’m typing in right now. Frankly, I don’t look at it until I’m done, then go to proofread.


100% agree not required for MVP. But I can tell you that I have gotten a bit spoiled by live preview (prefer right-side like I get in this forum, but below like I get in SE works nearly as well) and get mildly annoyed by Redmine where I have to click a Preview button (though it could be that there is an updated version and what I am using there is too old - just hasn’t been a priority for me to look into it).

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