Taiga.io for feature development tracking

I see one of our to-do items is “Decide on the community management approach.”. To address that bullet point I have a suggestion:


It is scrum / kanban board, project management tool. We can handle features development here. Here are some quick random highlights (but I think it’s much better if you check it out for yourself):

  • open source, totally free for public projects
  • epics, backlog, user stories, tasks, kanban-style boards
  • everything is customizable, down to default values of fields, available US points, etc.
  • user stories can be voted on
  • customizable roles, and customizable permissions to those roles
  • GitHub integration
  • video conference setting
  • bugs and wiki (granted, these are probably better at github).

Edit: when I made this post I did not know that such tool has already been set up (I learned about it from this topic.

Edit 2: as of right now (2020-01-26) we use GitHub Projects for tasks tracking.