This Forum has Terms of Service - please read them!

If you haven’t already seen them - this forum has both some FAQs and Guidelines, and some Terms of Service. Until now, both of those documents have just been the defaults that come with every installation of Discourse; however, I’ve just spent a while updating both of them to work for what we do here. As promised in those Terms of Service, I’m posting this here as a public notice that the terms have been updated, so that everyone gets a chance to read them.

I have not made sweeping changes to them; I’ve kept as close to the defaults as I can because… they’re probably that way for a reason. What I have done:

  • FAQ: Clarified what the forum’s for
  • FAQ: Explained how to get things added
  • FAQ: Explained what’s a rule and what’s a guideline
  • TOS: Clarified who “the owners” are
  • TOS: Updated the contact details for the organisation

Teeeeechnically, y’all have agreed to these terms already just by being here, whether you’ve read them or not - but hey, if you want to read them now, they’re over here.