Use cases for posting (including pending close votes and rate limits)

We have use cases for posting (questions, answers, tags). Some of these have been there for a while and some are recently updated. Key points:

  • Create post (i.e. top-level post, i.e. question for now) is what you’d expect.

  • If a question has either pending duplicate suggestions or pending hold votes, answerers see a notice about that before getting to the “add answer” button.

  • Rate limits are checked at the earliest possible step, i.e. when the user clicks “ask question” or “add answer”, not after creating the whole post and trying to submit it.

  • When answering a question you get a page that shows you the question and your answer, each scrollable, because you should be focusing on your answer to that question and shouldn’t have to keep scrolling/paging past other answers. This does mean you won’t be able to easily consult other answers while answering. I think it’s still a win, but we’ll need to try it out.

  • Tag creation is explicit, not an accident caused by a typo when adding tags, and asks for a short description right there at creation time.