Want to help with development - where to start?

I’d like to help with development during my spare time, but I still feel a little overwhelmed regarding where to start.
So… what’s a good entry point?

I don’t know if you have searched the forum, so I’ll assume you haven’t (sorry if you did though).

  • There’s a design website you can start reading here.
  • ArtOfCode declared that development had green light here. In his post there’s a link to the contributing guidelines that you can consult.
  • The coding standards links are available here.
  • Check out the GitHub page to get more information.
  • @Marc.2377 is head of development, so look for other posts of his to get some more information.

(Disclaimer, I’m not a contributor, but I found those links by looking around the forum a bit. I hope it helps you finding your way in this project.)


A good starting point is to join our Discord server, and make a post in the #skillset channel.

Talk to people in the development channel, and they’ll point you to the relevant leads depending on your skillset.