What is going on?

What are we currently doing and where are we with that?

What are the next milestones and what’s the estimate for reaching those?

Can we have a timeline, preferably as a graphic?

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Not a complete summary, just the major steps.


That’s already very nice!
Is there also some indication of what timescale we are looking at here?

There isn’t, deliberately, because I have no idea. Getting to MVP could be anything from 3-ish months to 6 to 12 to never.



Not typing the reflexive answer from that other platform is making me angry all over again.

Oh, indeed, guessing the whole thing is just, well… guessing.

But we should have an idea about the current development velocity from the last weeks.
So, unless we have absolutely no idea what Implement infrastructure and services & Create database entities entails, we should at least be able to make an educated guess about how long that will take.

Compare this to your favorite kickstarter project. We’re not making a paid project, but we do have a community that we need to keep engaged. And at the moment the process of making the product is just a black box (the devs are doing something, and somewhere down the line, after months… MVP will be done).

I wouldn’t start at “Now” - a lot of work has already been done, and seeing the 2 or 3 finished milestones would instill more confidence than a graphic that implies we’re all the way at the beginning.

I might just have understood that there might be a slight miscommunication:
I don’t want to know where we are for me personally.
I want the project to have a public overview of the “where are we”.
Something where I (as a community member) can go back in 2 months and see that more blocks are filled in with a nice colour.

The project management built into Azure DevOps would be good for this. It can also be connected to a repo on github, but I have no experience with that specifically.

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Will it be incremental development (of new features) before the MVP is delivered?

Will there be (or is there already) a build of the system running somewhere, public, which users can register on and try at any time?

And a list of complete features and backlog of future features?

I guess that would be the most public way to expose the current state and the velocity of the project to non-developers – if (or, not until when) you want to do that.

Looking here – Issues · codidact/core · GitHub – and without trying to build and install the source – I see no features yet there, and possibly only a database-in-progress (I suppose, therefore, you’re building it bottom-up).

We are working on some use cases here: User stories · GitHub.

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