What is the Codidact App for?

I noticed in my browser a + button, and I found that it is an option to install a Codidact app.


I’m just wondering what the app does and how it’s different from the website.

There is no published available Codidact software except for some mostly static web pages. Even once we do get a production Q&A/etc. system running, that will (at least for the near future) only be a web site, not an “App”, though making sure that Codidact runs well on mobile devices (phones & tablets) is a key design goal.

I suspect what you are seeing is a reference to the forum software, Discourse, which does have Android and iOS Apps available.


You can test it in Brave browser. I clicked it, and it installed a “Brave app” that basically just opens the website in a separate dedicated browser window with the Codidact icon. The difference is that no browser-specific features like changing the URL are available.

It’s a Progressive Web App. It’s part of the Discourse forum software, not something we’ve developed.

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