Why are there two forums?

This project is quite new and has both Discourse and Discord instances. It looks like there’s activity in both: I see several mentions/links here to decisions taken in Discord discussions. (One example.)

What is the goal of this bifurcation? It seems to make getting/staying involved with the project quite a bit harder. I have to check two places to keep up. And it potentially provides fertile ground for division and formation of cliques. (Are there people here who are not there and vice-versa?)

Given the newness, I hate to even raise “governance” questions, but this is baffling to me and I would like to understand why the decision to have two discussion places was made.



Our team first gathered on Discord. That’s where things first came to be, including this forum.

We do have a plan (I believe) to lock most of the discussions on the Discord chat and keep only the communication channels - that require dynamic conversation, i.e. actual chat. Everything else is to be discussed in the forum.

I’ll check with the team lead and Discord admins whether we can proceed with this soon.

In parallel, I’ll be working with @bertieb, who is currently managing the forum instance, to see if we can import the conversations from Discord to here (and how).


Ah, great, that makes sense. Thank you for the explanation.


This is just an update that we have now locked most Discord channels that were previously used for idea creation. New ideas should now be proposed here in #new-site and if they are for our MVP, they should be tagged #mvp.