Please help incoming users make heads and tails

I’ve followed a link here from MSE.

I understand this is supposed to be some embryonic alternative to the SE network. But - I don’t understand/know how to “map” places and facilities on the SE network to what’s going on here.

Please post either a sticky message or an obvious link from the Wiki’s main page to some sort of mapping from activities/sites/sections/terms on SE to codidact equivalents. Mapping to hereto-unimplemented features is also quite ok (IMHO).


Important clarification: this is a forum for discussing the implementation of a future Q&A site. It is not, itself, that site (even in “embryonic” form).

@mattdm: People who follow the ling here don’t know that. In fact, the truth of your statement is at least somewhat vague even after you’ve made it… :frowning_face:.

I’m not sure how it can be less vague. I mean, I tried to rephrase but I just end up repeating myself.

Does help?

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IIRC, there is a “banner topic”, which is shown at the top of every page, which should explain this. If you want me to rephrase it, suggest a change:

@mattdm: It’s not that your message is vague, it’s that the truth of it is vague. In other words - what this forum is might be different than what has been decided it should be.

  • What place is for me? This forum? This site? This project?
  • What parts of this place are for me to do what in?
  • Should I ditch SE in favor of this place then - now, or later?

Alternative suggestion:

Welcome to the Codidact project forum, a place to discuss the best way forward to develop a community-driven, open-source alternative to replace Stack Exchange. Please be nice and respectful.

If you are disappointed with SE Inc, SO, or another site on the Stack Exchange network and think it’s time for a better replacement, consider joining our project. We welcome constructive contributions about what that replacement should look like :slight_smile:

Please see our home page, our Github Wiki and our Discord chat, or

Read the FAQ | More information >>>

@einpoklum A (hopefully) simple explanation:

Codidact is a new system under development. It is not ready for “end users” yet. There are currently 3 components, which can be reached from the Codidact home page:

  • Github - Where the software and documentation are under actual development
  • Discord - A chat system about the development process - substantive details & discussions from here eventually make their way to Github or the forum
  • Discourse - This forum for discussion of features of Codidact.

There is one more piece, an initial site for Writing. This is the only part that is an actual Q&A site. It is using software developed by one of the key Codidact people but it is not the actual Codidact software. The plan is to move Writing to Codidact when the software is complete, but that will be a while.

There is no organized place yet (a la Area 51) for other communities. Though I suspect we’ll come up with something soon enough.

Is this for you, right now? It is for you if:

  • You are a developer (front end, back end, database, UI, etc.) who would like to help build Codidact, or
  • You would like to have some input in the initial development regarding user features (e.g., how privileges are assigned & work; ways that the system will be similar to or different from SE and other Q&A sites; etc.)

This is good enough, I guess. The website’s root page is not so bad either. I would just make sure that people who land on the forum get this message.

That is definitely better. Possibly good enough.

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