So when is it expected to start this site?

Do we have any roadmap, time frame, expected launch date for this platform?
It is been five months now, and you are supposed to be one of the experts on the field.
I’m not trying to be the jerk pushing for things. But you are supposed to build something that rivals SO because SO is bad and did some bad things to you.
You are effectively loosing support now from the community. SO is cooling down after the sweet talks from the CEO.
You need to get something moving even if it is half done.
I suggest you take the same approach Microsoft took with edge. Start a beta with fast update ring and get things moving.

Humans are not good when it comes to waiting for things to be perfect.

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This is the wrong attitude and will end up creating a mess.

I’ve been in product development for 40 years, and haste rarely leads to anything good in the long run. Once something is created, no matter how much you tell people it is only a “mockup” or whatever, it is very hard to go back and re-implement it the right way. You end up being stuck with the decisions you made when getting something visible quickly was a high priority, and you would have done it differently if long term architecture was a higher priority.

This project has the advantage of no investors breathing down the developers necks, expecting a 5x ROI in 36 months. 3 years from now, it will be far better to have something good than to have had it 6 months earlier.

As for SE, their screw-ups may be what got this project going. However, at this point they’re just another Q&A site on the net to learn from. Having the developers looking over their shoulder now is counter-productive, and will result in a worse product and less success in the long run.


@Olin and staying in the planning phase will not lead to success on the long term.
As I got it. We here all basically came from SO. We want something like SO (I do not think that we hate SO, we only hate what the company mutated to be).
Correct me if I’m wrong here, From the many posts here we are basically building a better and improved SO. Which also means we already have an 80% finished MVP (SO as it is) that needs few features,
The architecture might be different, the rules might be different. In the end let’s face it sooner than later. We will not build something that will be completely different than SO.
So staying in our own bubble and dreaming and planing for the next three years how are we going to be perfect while our rivals mutate from a state to a hire one and shape what the defacto is, Is in fact a poor judgment to ones situation.

If only this were the case… Sadly, SO isn’t open source, so we don’t have any of the codebase for SO.

We don’t really want something like SO, so it depends exactly what you mean by ‘completely different’ here but yes, it will be very different. It’s less a ‘better and improved SO’ and more ‘rethinking the idea and concept of how Q&A works online’ to the extent that Q&A is only a part of how we’re branding ourselves.

Sure, it’s a good job we’ve started development then :smiley:

And we already have qpixel for this in the meantime


@Mithrandir24601 Thank you for your response.

By different than SO. I meant the Q&A style SO has. I have read many posts here on the voting system, the reward system, the trust system, the comments, the code of conduct, the badges and the reputation system.

All of these are from SO or chosen because the alternative was not good when used in SO.

I see that the mention of SO here is occurring more than enough for me to conclude the phrase
“We will not build something completely different than SO”.

Again thank you for your response. I did not know that the development already started.