Where can we see a breakdown of running costs?

We should be aware of what the running costs are for servers, DNS, backups, basically anything that’s on an invoice. This will give us a clear view of what we need and what we have in terms of resources, not to mention boosting transparency.

Is this something we want to do?

In the past I’ve used Paypal exports to manually feed a Google Data Studio report, but that process can be automated, ie. with a cloud-function or something. This is just an example of course, but it illustrates what I have in mind.


At this stage there are $0 “Codidact organization” costs. That is for two reasons:

  • A few of us have provided various servers as a donation (email, writing.codidact.com, this forum, etc.) and all labor is volunteer
  • There is no “Codidact organization” to raise money or pay the bills yet.

There has been quite a bit of discussion about forming a “real” organization and raising money. We will get there. But right now the focus is on software development and the money part is not urgent.